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How to Build Bigger Biceps
If you are like most men then one of the main muscles that you like to show off are your biceps. Let's face it; flashing your guns at someone is one of the rites of passage of every man! By stockimages ( But before you can do that you need to learn how to build bigger biceps in a natural and healthy way. If you are totally new to weight training then the good news is [...]
Muscle Building for Women Is Different!
Equality of the sexes is all well and good but when it comes to muscle building for women, certain things will be different mainly because of the differences in physiology, biology and chemistry between the two sexes. Many individuals still make the mistake of applying the principles and practices of muscle building for men in women and it is time for such an approach to end.  Let’s take a look [...]
A Guide to Muscle Building for Beginners
It is now becoming more popular for people to build up a base of muscle in addition to simply going to the gym and doing cardio. This is a wise choice, because while cardio offers great heart health benefits, it is not by itself sufficient to make sure that your body is operating at optimum capacity. by imagerymajestic ( In order for that to happen it is necessary to gain [...]
Muscle Building Program for the Skinny Beginner
Being the skinny beginner in the gym can be challenging for most individuals. Either you will feel motivated to achieve the lean muscle mass gains of your fellow gym-goers or you will feel discouraged because your muscles are puny by comparison. Well, why fall into the latter category when you can follow the muscle building programe and then be one of the buffed individuals whom future beginners [...]
Essential Muscle Building Supplements
If healthy muscle mass is a goal of yours, then you will need to ensure you are adding muscle building supplements to your regimen. These supplements are designed to help improve the results you are getting with your standard exercise routine. by Kittikun Atsawintarangkul ( Whey Protein It is very possible that the whey protein you consume will come in the form of a protein [...]
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