How to Build Bigger Biceps

If you are like most men then one of the main muscles that you like to show off are your biceps. Let’s face it; flashing your guns at someone is one of the rites of passage of every man!

Its Workout Time

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But before you can do that you need to learn how to build bigger biceps in a natural and healthy way.

If you are totally new to weight training then the good news is that virtually any kind of training will help to build your biceps to some extent. But in order to really start to see substantial gains in muscle size you will need to start to do some isolation exercises that particularly target the biceps.

The first exercise that you will want to do is called a preacher curl.

This is a piece of equipment that looks like a flat table, only it is on a pedestal and the “table” is at a right angle. This is one of the best exercises if your goal is to build bigger biceps, because it particularly isolates the bicep muscles and allows you to use free weights to develop them.

Many people who go to the gym (especially men who are very new to weight training) prefer to only use the machines when it comes to their exercise programs, and baulk a little at the idea of using free-weights. It somehow seems a little more dangerous because the weights are not tied down for example.

However, the fact is that when it comes to training your biceps in particular you are generally better to opt for the free-weights then you are for the machines.

The reason for this is that free weights allows your arms to have a free range of motion so that all the different parts of your bicep are properly developed. If you use the free weights to do preacher curls for example you would do one arm at a time so that you could focus totally on it.

Be sure to warm up first and don’t immediately use a weight that is too heavy for you as you can end up straining a muscle and then you won’t be flexing anything!

You will generally find a preacher curl bench at virtually every gym because it is such a fundamental piece of equipment and so commonly used. There are sometimes two different variations, one which requires you to stand up and another where you can sit down. While both will work I find that it is generally preferable to use the seated version wherever possible. This allows me to focus everything on my preacher curls, and means that my biceps are getting the maximal possible benefit.

The important thing to realize is that the biceps, while impressive and often shown off, are actually quite a small group of muscles and so it is perfectly possible to see some very satisfying results from exercising them far sooner than you may think possible.

Train them regularly and you will see results!

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