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Jason Ferruggia is the man behind the ebook Muscle Gaining Secrets, which as the title suggests, is about how average guys can gain muscle and keep it.jason ferruggia

The focus in Jason Ferruggia’s work is specifically on how guys who are naturally skinny, and who may not have a natural disposition for gaining weight can do so with a minimum of fuss.

In his blog of the same name Jason Ferruggia says that he too was once a skinny kid and that he shares many of the same physical traits as his clients when it comes to a seemingly natural difficulty in gaining muscle and keeping it on.

He emphasizes all of the experience that he has in the fitness industry, including having personally trained in excess of seven-hundred clients, and being a Chief Training Advisor to the mainstream men’s fitness magazine Men’s Fitness Magazine as well being an advisor to Live Strong.

It is interesting that on his website he recommends significantly higher levels of training than many other fitness coaches. He personally does up to six sessions a week in the gym purely on strength training, plus doing up to three sessions a week of sled sprint sessions and having an up to 40 minute walk first thing every morning.

He also does surfing, hiking, rock climbing, skiing as well as sky diving for “fun” and so his is hardly an “inactive” lifestyle!

He is also the author of the book “The Renegade Diet” which essentially recommends a form of fasting made popular by Martin Berkhan on his Lean Gains blog. This is where you basically fast for 16 hours every day and then have an 8-hour “eating window”. The science behind this approach is sound in that this encourages the release of growth hormone and allows extra time for the body to repair itself.

It also has the advantage that if you are particularly interested in gaining muscle that you can do so without having to endure the ridiculous six small meals schedule of many bodybuilders.

Banner-Ads5His other main book is called Muscle Gaining Secrets and is specifically aimed at skinny guys who want to pack on a boatload of muscle as soon as possible. It has a subheading of “90 Day Skinny-To-Jacked Transformation Plan” which pretty clearly sums up what this program is aiming to achieve.

He emphasizes that you need to stay focused on your training and give it a 100% if it is going to work for you. One of the core tenets of his program is that you need to consistently be lifting heavier weights because your body will continue to adapt to the workouts you are doing. The good news though is that this also means that you will gradually be packing on muscle, and so there is a real practical payoff at the end of the day.

He above all emphasizes exercises that target many muscle groups simultaneously, as he believes those offer the most bang for the training buck.

If you are a skinny guy looking to pack on some muscle, check out what Jason Ferruggia has to say.

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