Muscle Building for Women Is Different!

Equality of the sexes is all well and good but when it comes to muscle building for women, certain things will be different mainly because of the differences in physiology, biology and chemistry between the two sexes. Many individuals still make the mistake of applying the principles and practices of muscle building for men in women and it is time for such an approach to end. Athletic woman trainer

Let’s take a look at a few of these differences and the tips to maximize muscle building efforts in women.

Rate of Muscle Gain

Men and women have few differences in terms of anatomy including bones and muscles, both of which are obviously essential to muscle building. But their hormonal profiles are markedly different in that men have higher levels of testosterone, the hormone largely responsible for muscle growth, while women have higher levels of estrogen instead.

The implication for muscle building for women: Women can only gain in muscles approximately half of the gain in muscles made by men. The assumption here is that both men and women adopt similar diet, cardio and weight training exercise, and lifestyle program. This is simply how Mother Nature designed the human body so the political issue of equality of the sexes does not apply here.

Consider these figures: According to experts, men can gain roughly 35 to 50 pounds of lean body mass over their bodybuilding lifetimes while women can gain approximately 17 to 25 pounds of muscle mass. This is not to discourage women to engage in amateur bodybuilding programs. Instead, this is a wake-up call to women whose unrealistic expectations of gaining muscle mass are standing in their way of true satisfaction in their physiques.

In contrast, muscle building for women is eschewed because of the fear that bodybuilding can mess with the feminine figure. Such fear is moot considering that the lack of high levels of testosterone in women prevents most of them from getting as big and bulky as their male counterparts.

Diet and Exercise Tips

With that being said, here are a few effective diet and exercise tips in regard to muscle building for women:

  • Focus your efforts on strength training. You will enjoy several benefits including increased muscle mass and bone density as well as healthy joints.
  • Go for compound movements. This is because compound movements are effective and efficient on targeting more muscle groups than isolation movements.
  • Choose safe compound exercises. Keep in mind that you are building muscle, not trying to injure yourself while doing so. For example, if your shoulders still require work, choose a neutral grip machine press instead of the bench press to prevent injuries to your shoulders.
  • Rest your muscles. Remember that your muscles grow when these are at rest instead of while at work.
  • Increase your protein intake to between 1 gram and 1.5 grams per day. Protein is the primary building block of muscles.
  • Eat more calories because your muscles need calories to grow. Just be sure to stick to healthy food choices.

If you have more questions about muscle building for women, your best course of action is to ask a professional bodybuilder with experience in coaching women on the field. Trial and error may prove dangerous in the long run.

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