Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Gaining muscles in the right places can be a tough challenge especially for novice bodybuilders whose knowledge in the field is limited, thus, increasing their risks for injuries. Fortunately, there are e-books like the Muscle Gaining Secrets that provide reliable information from expert bodybuilders on the most effective yet safest way to gain muscle in the right places at the right time with the right exercises.

About the Product

Novice and expert bodybuilders will appreciate the merits of the Muscle Gaining Secrets e-book from its comprehensive approach to bodybuilding to its step-by-step instructions on gaining muscle. Jason Ferruggia, its author who calls himself a physique transformation coach, designed the e-book in such a way as to leave little to no doubt in the minds of the readers about the best way to gain muscle, transform your physique and live a healthy life.


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The methods discussed by Ferruggia leads to three main goals, namely, weight loss, fat loss and muscle gain. It should be emphasized that these three goals are closely related in that you cannot achieve one without first achieving the others. For example, weight loss should ideally come first so that the excess pounds can be shed off, followed by fat loss in the problem areas, and then finally muscle gain in the major muscle groups like the chest, back and legs.

Just to mention the contents of the e-book in general, readers will gain knowledge about the:

  • Appropriate cardio exercise for weight loss
  • Killer strength training exercises for every workout
  • Thing to do for faster full recovery between workouts
  • Effective supplements including discussions on the dangers of steroid use
  • Critical factors in building muscle
  • Dietary guidelines for muscle-building purposes

Many of the information contained here have been discussed by bodybuilding experts but many more will be new to readers. Ferruggia has learned the tricks of the trade, so to speak, in muscle-building that he wants to impart to his fellowmen via this e-book.

Product Pros and Cons

The best thing about the Muscle Gaining Secrets e-book is the all-natural approach espoused by Ferruggia. He is, after all, one of the advocates of all-natural muscle-building methods, which means that there are no chemicals particularly steroids and human growth hormones recommended in the program. Instead, all-natural yet effective dietary supplements are suggested so that the body gains muscles while still remaining healthy (i.e., free from the harmful side effects caused by steroids and synthetic human growth hormones).

Yet another good thing about the workout programs recommended by Ferruggia is the relative ease with which gaining muscles can be achieved. Instead of spending half of the afternoon pumping weights at the gym 5 days a week, you can spend as little as 3 days a week at the gym for lesser number of hours and still gain the same results. And then there’s the fact that the workouts and nutritional guidelines are discussed in a way that every layman will understand. No scientific shtick here.

The only disadvantage is that it must be downloaded and then printed when you want a hard copy in your hands. Then again, this is easy-peasy considering that almost everything is in digital form anyway.

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